Reclaim your power through self-care at a relaxing and renewing mind, body and spirit retreat...

Spring and Fall 2021

Spring and Fall, Mind, Body, and Spirit Self Care Retreat at Boulder Hot Springs

Do you experience fatigue or shut down, anxiety or depression or fear of the future?  Is your PAST holding you back? Are you struggling with your health or in your relationships?  Are you living your Best Life?  Do you feel out of balance?  Are you feeling depleted, perhaps lost?

This weekend is designed to lead and support you to reclaim your power through self care. Calm and connect and rest and replenish as you nourish and heal and lovingly move into the truth of who you are. Recognize for the first time or remember your innate desire to live the life you have always wanted, needed, and deserve. You will experience coming into right relationship with yourself through experiential healing processes as well as participate and receive being held in a conscious, supportive community. You will have the opportunity to have a one on one healing session with me for clarity in connecting to your purpose. 


Come to this incredible spiritually-based self-care, self-love weekend and begin to experience harmony in all areas of your life. Learn and practice how to calm and find inner peace, reconnect to your personal power and to your purpose. Experience joy, play, and laughter to be in a more intimate connection with yourself and to those you hold so dear.  Be in your heart fully to embody your gifts and reclaim your power as your energy is enhanced and you feel happier and more prepared for life’s challenges.


This relaxing weekend of focusing on YOU Includes:

Learning to open to your senses to enhance your life

Grounding and connecting to Mother Earth

Experience opening your heart and embracing your right to be here, in this moment in your life

Release what doesn’t serve you in ceremony

Meet your inner child 

Practice the art of forgiveness

Receive messages from Spirit

Commune with nature and walk the seven generations

Experience a Shamanic Journey to find your power animal

Optional extra’s: Yin Yoga Practice, Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation, Mindfulness Walking Meditation, Movement and Music Therapy, Body work/Massage, one on one healing sessions to connect to your purpose, and Healing immersive soaks/swims in the sacred mineral waters. 

Let go of all that hasn’t supported you or your highest good in 2020 and before. Create an intention and a vision, a plan for your present and your future; receive tools to incorporate into every day for a more peaceful and powerful experience in your life. I invite you to join us for a weekend of self-care with amazing people, good food, and an experience of healing and learning how to create a more fulfilling, heart-centered, and happy life!

Spring Retreat May 21-23rd  SOLD OUT       

Fall Retreat October 29-31st  Currently Accepting Registration 

$285 if by Sept 15th, $335 After

Contact Kobi at 406-860-0660 to reserve your spot