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May 2023: "Align with The Divine Feminine"  Women's Retreat
Boulder Hot Springs in Beautiful, Boulder Montana. 

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Event Dates: Friday 5/19 to Sunday 5/21 

Event Times: Friday 5pm to Sunday 2pm

Event Address: Boulder Hot Springs located at 31 Hot Springs Road in Boulder, MT 59632


This retreat is designed for you to clear your mind, open your heart, reset your nervous system and nourish your body; to rest and replenish as you release the past and connect with your purpose. You will be fully supported as you calm, connect and heal. Being held in this way, you will lovingly experience coming into alignment with your true self and with the Divine Feminine. You will be a part of an intimate, trusted group in a conscious, sacred space together where we will practice self care with meditation, mindfulness, yoga and gentle movement, guided rest and relaxation, breathwork, sound healing and more. Heal generations past, present and future with an experiential spiritual clearing and hike to the seven generations as you deeply connect with your heart, your soul's path, the Earth and the Divine Feminine. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience geothermal healing, hot and cold hydro-therapy and soak in the sacred valley of the mineral waters of Boulder Hot Springs.


Cost of Retreat: $650


​As an additional treat, there will be an exquisite self care option for your body as well as your mind, and enhance your experience with a healing and relaxing custom massage.(Eric Hart, LMT) Using a centuries old healing method to balance the mind, body and spirit, this additional experience includes a mind-body assessment, lymphatic release, a unique aromatherapy and warm oil massage and is completed with an energetic clearing and renewal.  We will have a sign up sheet upon registration for times in and around our retreat schedule.


Payment is accepted via Venmo: @Kobi-Schaff or Paypal: @Kobischaff (Please note "Retreat Registration" in payment description)


Register by April 14, 2023.


Room and board is an additional cost and is required to be reserved seperately through Boulder Hotsprings. Farm to table, locally-sourced meals will be served family style from Friday evening dinner through Sunday lunch. A special rate is being honored for this retreat with your choice of charming room accommodations as well as any dietary needs and specifications. Reservations can be booked by calling


Boulder Hot Springs Inn, Spa, and Retreat Center at (406) 225-4339.  


Airfare and ground transportation are not included. 

Please contact, Kobi  (406) 860-0660 with questions.  

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